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Welcome to Nimbus 

The Cloud Robotics


For monitoring, developing, deploying,
and managing a single robot or a fleet of robots.

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What is Nimbus?

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Nimbus makes your ROS journey intuitive using drag-and-drop tools and a rich set of ready-made AI algorithms such as object recognition, navigation, and path planning that are ROS1/2 compatible.

With Nimbus, you can easily design, develop, and test your robots, allowing you to create custom behaviors that are tailored to your unique needs.


Control, Monitor and Manage

Teleoperate robots, monitor & record sensor information from anywhere in the world with one customizable dashboard. Monitor an individual robot or a fleet of robots, gain remote access, and display various types of information: data streams, performance analytics, fault diagnostics, and more.

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Multiple Simulation Envoirments 

Nimbus simulation provides a powerful and flexible solution for companies in various industries. With Nimbus 3D simulation on the browser, you can easily create and run simulations of your robots and their behaviors, allowing you to test and evaluate new designs, train operators, and predict the performance of your robots under different conditions.

Our simulation environments are user-friendly and can be customized to meet your unique needs. 

Discover Nimbus

  • Low code drag and drop development 

  • Test with built-in simulations on your browser

  • Monitor various data stream and teleoperate all in one customizable dashboard 

  • Choose algorithms from a vast library of codes 

  • Quickly deploy configurations
    to a single robot or to an entire fleet of robots

  • Share robots and manage permissions

  • Fleet management and monitoring

  • Full ROS 1/2 Support

Learn how to connect your existing ROS projects to Nimbus, or create your robotic application from scratch! 

Benefits of Nimbus

Ease and shorten robot software development and configuration

Lifelong robot software upgrades and support through the cloud

Management of A.I. driven robots and fleets with rich analytics through the cloud

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About Cogniteam

Experience. Knowledge. Expert solutions.

We have been developing artificial intelligence technologies for robots for over ten years, working with blue chip companies on mapping, navigation and autonomous decision-making.

We have now packaged our unique suite of algorithms together as a single product in Nimbus, bringing you a unique Cloud-based robotic artificial intelligence solution in one easy-to-use place.

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