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The Cloud Robotics Ecosystem
For robot configuration, testing, deployment, and operations management.

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  • Drag and drop development

  • Full ROS 1/2 Support

  • Choose components from a vast library of codes 

  • Test with built-in simulations

  • Easily deploy configurations to a single robot or to an entire fleet of robots

  • Share robots and manage permissions

  • Fleet management 

  • Monitoring and Teleoperation 

System Features  

Create your own robotic control center


Develop and Test

Using Nimbus you can now rapidly develop, simulate, and test the robot autonomy. Nimbus makes your ROS journey intuitive using drag and drop tools and a rich set of ready-made AI algorithms that are ROS1/2 compatible. Create and seamlessly integrate custom components, share them with users and teammates on the Nimbus Hub.

Control and Monitor

Teleoperate robots and monitor sensors information from any place in the world. Control your robot, gain remote access, and display various types of information: data streams, performance analytics, fault diagnostics, and more.



With Nimbus, you can start to develop a single robot but scale to an entire fleet with a single click of a button. Moving from development to production was never so easy.


Nimbus is a one-stop-shop for managing a robot full life-cycle: develop configure, deploy, and operate. Nimbus is cloud-based, installation-free has software versioning and feature updates for all subscription tiers.


Benefits of Nimbus

Ease and shorten robot software development and configuration

Lifelong robot software upgrades and support through the cloud

Management of A.I. driven robots and fleets with rich analytics through the cloud

Nimbus makes it easier

Deploying a fleet of autonomous robots has never been more approachable with Nimbus' step by step tutorials. Begin learning how to connect your existing ROS projects to Nimbus, or create your robotic application from scratch.


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Start your free Nimbus trial today!

With our 30-day free trial, you can experience and explore the power of Nimbus. The trial gives you full access to all of the platform features and capabilities including the use of two robots
(with 500MB storage and 1GB bandwidth limits).

Take advantage of this opportunity to join the Nimbus community.


News & Updates

About Cogniteam

Experience. Knowledge. Expert solutions.

We have been developing artificial intelligence technologies for robots for over ten years, working with blue chip companies on mapping, navigation and autonomous decision-making.

We have now packaged our unique suite of algorithms together as a single product in Nimbus, bringing you a unique Cloud-based robotic artificial intelligence solution in one easy-to-use place.

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