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Need remote access to your robot?


Our SSH capability offers a secure, reliable, and efficient solution for remotely managing your robotic systems. With its advanced security features, remote access capabilities, and seamless integration.


Simplified Access and Monitoring: 


Nimbus offers a shared SSH capability that streamlines the process of accessing and monitoring individual robots and entire fleets directly from the browser. This eliminates the need for complex configurations and allows users to focus on managing their robotic systems efficiently.


Seamless Integration: 


By installing a lightweight software agent on the edge device, users can effortlessly connect their robots to Nimbus, enabling real-time monitoring and control. This ensures a smooth and secure integration with existing robotic systems without any disruption to their operations.


Collaborative Environment: 


The shared view feature allows multiple users to access and monitor the robot simultaneously, fostering a collaborative environment for teams to work together on troubleshooting, maintenance, and optimization tasks. This enhances productivity and ensures that all team members are on the same page when it comes to managing their robotic systems.


What our client’s say

Gal Frenkel, co-founder and CEO, RoboDeck

"Nimbus allowed us to begin addressing complex development challenges nearly immediately, without reinventing the wheel. We worked with Cogniteam to implement their industry-tested sensor technologies with Nvidia’s advanced algorithms and ROS capabilities.
Nimbus gave us a powerful investor-ready prototype way ahead of schedule, getting us better prepared for production.”

HayStack Robotics CTO and Co-Founder

“Cogniteam and Nimbus have allowed us to bring our first robot to market with remarkable speed and quality. The ability to develop in the cloud has allowed us to grow as a truly global team, and the ability to remotely manage our fleet allows us to scale into new markets.”

Oren Levy, CEO, 634AI

“For those who are integrating technology into their facilities, it is often an inefficient patchwork that puts operations and worker safety at risk. One of our goals is to allow robots to do the heavy lifting, both from worker safety and an operational efficiency standpoint. Cogniteam’s Nimbus lets us focus on our IP by freeing us from developing entire robot and fleet infrastructure that can take years to develop in-house.”


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